About Me

SA Blog Profile PicI was born and raised in Wittbank, South Africa, and immigrated to the United States with my parents when I was 7 or 8 years old. Growing up as a ‘third-culture kid’ was extremely difficult because I didn’t really fit in anywhere; I wasn’t a South African and I wasn’t an American either. I did my best and slowly adapted to my new surroundings and began fitting in with kids my own age. I fit in so much so that when I was asked my my mom what I wanted for dinner I said Kraft mac and cheese, a staple for any child in the US. I rarely spoke Afrikaans and it wasn’t until a sophomore in high school when I would begin truly appreciating the gift of being an immigrant and speaking a second language. I was fortunate to grow up with a mom who was an excellent cook and I remember as if it was yesterday on the opposite side of our kitchen counter looking through mom’s Afrikaans recipe books as she prepared dinner. I left South Africa before I learned how to read and write in South Africa so I, ofcourse, had no idea what the recipes said. I slowly began teaching myself how to read Afrikaans by translating those old recipe books and I’m proud to say that today I can read and write in Afrikaans. (My spelling is horrendous, but it’s a work in progress.) Those times are some of my fondest memories and sparked my love of cooking and a greater appreciation for my heritage, so much so that today, all I speak at home is Afrikaans and when given the chance, I read or write in my native tongue.

After I finished high school I moved to Nashville, TN, to attend Belmont University where I studied International Business with an emphasis in Economics and German Language and Studies. I graduated in May of 2016 and will finish up my MBA in International Business and Marketing this fall. ┬áToday I am a proud citizen of the United States, my new home that I’ve grown to love, but there will always be a place in my heart that longs for my loving family, the beautiful landscapes, Kruger National Park, delicious foods, and unique cultures of South Africa. I hope you will enjoy this website as I share some of my favorite parts of South Africa with you as well as the new South African community that we are blessed to have here in Nashville.